How to Use Json Web Token in PHP

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2017)

How to Use JSON Web Token in PHP

In this PHP tutorial, we will see How to Use JSON Web Token in PHP.If you like to know about computer safety, you will certainly come to know one of the most discussed as well as controversial topics is user authentication. Within the context, you will surely find a broad range of study areas, from new mechanisms to usability. It is, though, to our surprise that JSON Web tokens are one of the best topics but very few times discussed it. We believe it deserves to be discussed and needs to come in the spotlight today. We will help you to see through how easy and quick it is to integrate if it is an API authentication mechanism.

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How to Use Json Web Token in PHP

How to Use JSON Web Token in PHP

JSON Web Token

There was a time when the one and the only way to authenticate an individual only through the application that was by giving or providing the credentials. Later came to the service called API integration. This sends the credentials in plain text format and was unacceptable. The API tokens came into effect and these days, they are very, very common practice. Some of the benefits of giving out the credentials to an application as well as maintaining the user’s state in relation to the application with the session is cookies are:

Data Is Kept In Plain Text On The Server

Even you know that data are usually not kept in a general folder, anybody with access can read the content of the session files.

File System Read Or Write Request

Every time your session starts or its data is modified that way, the server needs to be updated the session file.

Distributed or Clustered Applications

Since the files of sessions are kept in the file system properly by default. It is difficult to have a distributed or clustered infrastructure for the high availability and the applications which require utilizing the balance loads with the clustered servers. When you are dealing with the services with the APIs that have been restricted with the service calls, you will need to add the key to each request made. API the keys with the thing of the common thing that rely on a centralized mechanism to control them properly.

JSON Web Token

Until the month of October 2010, there have been many different proposals to utilize the JSON based tokens. JWT or Json Web Token was proposed in the month of December 2010 and has the following features:

  • It is intended for the purpose of space constrained scenario like HTTP authorization headers or query string parameters.
  • The data to be transmitted in JavaScript with the object notation format.
  • The data you have kept to be pay loaded of JWS that is JSON Web Signature.
  • The use of JWT has many benefits as well as advantages over the single API key.

The Json web signature is nothing but a cryptographic mechanism which is designed to secure the data with the digital signature that has a unique identity to the content of the token. This type of token has its uniqueness in such a way that we are capable determine or recognize if the data of the token has been tampered without or with it.

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