What Makes Angular 4.0 the Next Level Front End Technology?

What Makes Angular 4.0 the Next Level Front End Technology?

In the modern era of digital commerce and prevalence of user generate content portals, Web Application Development with AngularJS has become a preferred practice due to the remarkable AngularJS advantages. The potential usage of this front end open source framework by several leading Video Streaming Apps, User-Review Applications, Travel Apps and Social Media Applications has already furnished it with the next level of popularity.

Techies had high expectations from the release of Angular 4 in both contexts; development perspective and user experience perspective and they got proved worth. There are several major changes in this latest version, but it is not a drastic shift as developers are getting comfortable with Angular 2 and its ecosystem yet. Following are few of the strapping reasons for you to opt for Angular 4 for your AngularJS Web Development activities.

Angular 4.0 the Next Level Front End Technology

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1-If/else Design Syntax: You can use if else block in HTML DOM or if/else Design Syntax and assign local variables.
2-Universal as core Angular module: Server-side rendering was being taken care of entirely outside Angular. Angular 4 onwards it has become an Angular module. To make the best out of it, you need to explore new renderModuleFactory method explained by team Angular. This a change will improve the ease of your actual Angular 4 development process.
3-Advance Level Change in AOT: With the intention of improving compilation time and decreasing the size of view engine, few advance level changes have been made to    Angular’s AOT (Added Optional Parameter). Hence, it has been noticed that the application has almost 60% of the reduction in size
4-SystemJS Plugin Implementation: SystemJS plugin has been implemented to Angular 4 to write module id manually. You just need to allocate relative path. The process of creating Component Relative paths and Absolute paths will be taken care of automatically. This will really speed up your AngularJS Web Application Development
5-Compact Sized and Speedy Performing Applications: Smaller & Faster Apps have been claimed in Angular 4 in comparisons of Angular 2.You can find the noticeable difference during development phase as well if you have experience of AngularJS Development with its Angular 2 version.
6-Other Enhancements: There are several other enhancements in Angular 4 such as:
7-Enhancement of Router
8-Introduction of Meta Tags
9-Simplification in HTTP Requests and App Testing
10-Enhanced Internationalization
11-Better errors handling methodology
12-Several Forms Validators Attributes have been added
13-Compare Select Options have been added
14-Animation Packages have been added
15-Compatibility with latest TypeScript versions
16-Template Overriding Flexibility


Be it about web apps and portals development or AngularJS Mobile Development, Angular has proved itself a worth technology framework since the release of its version 2. You have got several meaningful reasons to opt for Angular 4. Angular 5 has also recently hit the techie world and it is being experimented by enthusiastic programmers and developers. One of the best parts of young technologies is you get enough space for various experiments that eventually help you in your growth as a competent developer. Angular is maintained by the Angular team at Google so that we can always look forward to capable community support.

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What Makes Angular 4.0 the Next Level Front End Technology?

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