Learn PHP PDO CRUD using MySQL and Bootstrap

Today in this tutorial we will see how to create PHP PDO CRUD using MySQL and Bootstrap.PHP PDO its full form is PHP Data Object.”PDO is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.”


PHP PDO CRUD Application Source Code

download source code php login-phpcodify

Which databases PDO support?

PDO supports many of the popular databases as seen on the list below.

php pdo crud mysql bootstrap

1-Create Database and Table

Open your phpmyadmin and run this SQL query in your SQL editor of PHPMyAdmin.


Here in this file, we made a database connection with PHP code.



This is your main display file in which user can input value using HTML form.


In this PHP separate file, all edit delete and insert operations will occur.


So today in this interesting PHP Data Object topic we have learned PHP PDO CRUD with MySQL database.


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