jQuery Email Validation using Regex Expression

Email Validation is very important in online web forms.So today In this tutorial I will explain you how to do jQuery Email Validation using Regular Expression.Through jQuery Email Validation we can validate the email address without the form submission.


Here I will explain the basic functionality/working of the jQuery Email Validation script.I made a HTML form using bootstrap which contains 3 input fields.A user will enter the FirstName, LastName and Email then we will pass these input fields into our jQuery script and there we will validate the email field using Regular Expression.

jquery email validation using regular expression phpcodify

jquery email validation using

Application / Script Development Process:

Step-1) Bootstrap and jQuery Links:




Step-2) HTML Form for jQuery Email Validation:

Below is the HTML form with three input fields first_name , last_name and email. Make a index.php and paste it into your file.

Step-3) Regular Expression for Email Validation:

Now I will explain here regular(regex) expression which we are using for validation of the email address.

Below is the explanation of this expression.

Step-4) jQuery Script for Email Validation:

In this script first, we get all the values from the input form fields and check all fields are not empty.Then I made a function validate_Email() in this function I sent the email address in the variable as a function parameter. So then in this function, we validate the email address if it is correct function will return a true value back if wrong it will return a false value.

Step-5) Complete Code jQuery Email Validation:

This is the complete script for jQuery email validation you can copy all this code and paste it in your index.php and run in your browser and validate the email.


So this is how you can do jQuery Email Validation through regular expression.If you like this tutorial script then share it with your community. If you have any suggestion Feel free to comment below.

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