jQuery AJAX Fade Out Message after Form Submission

In this, tutorial we’ll see jQuery AJAX Fade Out Message after Form Submission.Nowadays in a lot of web application which are using any forms, they have to respond the user with a message that your message has been sent, so we will do this through jQuery fade out fade in effect.


In this jQuery fade out script we have used an HTML form with two input fields using Bootstrap framework. The AJAX code in this script validates the user inputs and send to the PHP script, Then PHP responds to the AJAX script with a success message in the form of fade out/in by using jQuery.

jQuery AJAX Fade Out Message after form submission

1-HTML Code for jQuery AJAX Form

This is the HTML form using bootstrap it contains two input fields.

2-Error and Success Message CSS

This is the CSS for the fade out fade in message for displaying the respond.

3-jQuery Fade Out Message on Form Submission

This is the jQuery AJAX script in this script all the input data will be catch and send through AJAX to the PHP script.

4-Complete Code for jQuery AJAX Fade out Message


5-PHP Script

This is the PHP script in which validates the inputs and then send a success message to the AJAX script.




So today in this short jQuery Ajax fade out message tutorial we have learned how to show a fade out message after submitting a form using jQuery AJAX.If you find this information useful, remember to share it on your social network. If you have any specific concerns/doubt about this article you can comment below and let us know.




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