PHP Registration Login CRUD MySQL Source Code

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Create DateJune 29, 2017

PHP Registration Login CRUD MySQL Source Code

  • Chinedu Ezenwegbu

    Hello am working on human resource management system. How can I submit information from one form to different MySQL tables. Thanks for the login app

  • dehne Celo

    cannot download complete source code. pls help

    • same me. how to download. thanks @Ehtesham Mehmood

  • Sha Huzi

    Love u Pam boy.
    I am from Kashbook india

  • Yousif

    Thanks a lot bro.I followed you steps one by one in that tutorial and It worked perfectly.
    thanks again.

    • EhteshamMehmood

      Thanks @disqus_gb1VAeZ7Sx:disqus Please share with your community. Happy coding

  • Julio Cesar

    Excellent. Jejeje

    • EhteshamMehmood

      Thanks for using PHP Registration Script 🙂 @disqus_2J2kkVdbEu:disqus

  • Sebas

    Hello, can you send me the source code please? Mail:

  • RandiSoft Web

    I love your work. Although there’s an error it displays when registering for the first time, it says user with email already exist. And also the if num_row line that controls the email now displays mysqli_num_rows expect exactly 1 parameter.. Is this an update from the time u posted this?

  • Rizvi Shanas

    Thank you brother, may god bless in you knowledge for your contribution.

    • EhteshamMehmood

      @rizvi_shanas:disqus Thanks for your appreciation. Keep learning 🙂

  • You know me right

    How to create sign up form that use single input like facebook. For example placeholder=”email or mobile phone number”

  • Ritu Srivastava

    i try to download ,but no script download.

    • Ehtesham Mehmood

      Refresh your browser. or change the browser. Its downloading on my side.

  • swarna jahan

    thank you!