CodeIgniter CRUD using Ajax,Bootstrap,Models and MySQL-Source Code

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Create DateSeptember 15, 2016
  • Muhammad Sumair Kalim

    not working

    • EhteshamMehmood

      Whats the issue ? File is downloading. @muhammadsumairkalim:disqus

  • Ardi Nuchnum


  • How to use ajax for read all data? I need js code views for looping

  • frodsam1

    This is crazy without the walkthrough or some sort of documentation. Luckily, I found this Good luck!

  • Arba Sudiatmika

    i cant download it
    can you check the link agin sir?

  • Vinu S. Khandare

    Hello sir, am not able to update my database through your code.. so please can you help me out…

    • EhteshamMehmood

      Yes sure @vinuskhandare:disqus you can paste here your update code let me check.

      • Vinu S. Khandare

        please reply sir,,and sorry if disturbed…

  • Vinu S. Khandare

    This is Model

    public function book_update($where, $data)
    $this->db->update(‘add_image’, $data, $where);
    return $this->db->affected_rows();

  • Vinu S. Khandare

    This is controler…….

    public function book_update()
    $data = array(

    ‘saree_type’ => $this->input->post(‘saree_type’),
    ‘prod_name’ => $this->input->post(‘prod_name’),
    ‘prod_code’ => $this->input->post(‘prod_code’),
    ‘availability’ => $this->input->post(‘availability’),
    ‘price’ => $this->input->post(‘price’),
    ‘prod_disc’ => $this->input->post(‘prod_disc’),
    ‘length’ => $this->input->post(‘length’),
    ‘weight’ => $this->input->post(‘weight’),
    ‘material’ => $this->input->post(‘material’),
    ‘blouse’ => $this->input->post(‘blouse’),
    ‘b_length’ => $this->input->post(‘b_length’),
    ‘b_width’ => $this->input->post(‘b_width ‘),
    ‘color’ => $this->input->post(‘color’),
    ‘care’ => $this->input->post(‘care’),
    ‘shipping’ => $this->input->post(‘shipping’),
    ‘cod’ => $this->input->post(‘cod’),
    ‘exchange’ => $this->input->post(‘exchange’),

    $this->book_model->book_update(array(‘id’ => $this->input->post(‘id’)), $data);

    echo json_encode(array(“status” => TRUE));