Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi in PHP

Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi in PHP

In this PHP tutorial, we will see What is the Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi in PHP.MySQL and MySQLi are both extensions of PHP. MySQL and MySQLi both used to make a connection with the MySQL Database.They provide different functions so we can use those functions to perform database delete, insert, update functions.MySQL is deprecated now we are using MySQLi for development and production.

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Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi Table:

Below is the difference of MySQL and MySQLi.

  • MySQL extension added in PHP version 2.0. and deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0.
The MySQLi extension added in PHP 5.5 and will work on MySQL 4.1.3 or above.
  • Does not support prepared statements.
MySQLi supports prepared statements.
  • MySQL provides the procedural interface.
MySQLi provides both procedural and object-oriented interface.
  • MySQL extension does not support stored procedure.
MySQLi supports store procedure.
  • MySQL extension lags insecurity and other special features, comparatively.
MySQLi extension is with enhanced security and improved debugging.
  • Transactions are handled by SQL queries only.
MySQLi supports transactions through API.
  • Extension directory: ext/mysql.
Extension directory: ext/mysqli.

Now we will explain in more details.

Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi Detail:

MySQL vs. MySQLi

MySQL is a relational database management system (or RDBMS) – implying that it is a database management system in view of the relational model. This RDMS keeps running as its own particular server and gives multi-client access to different databases without a moment’s delay. The source code of MySQL is accessible under the terms put forward in the GNU General Public License and a plenty of exclusive assertions. Individuals from the MySQL people group have made a wide range of branches of the RDMS – the most well-known of which are Drizzle and MariaDB. And in addition being the model of a few branches, most free programming ventures that must have a full-included database administration framework (or DMS) utilize MySQL.

MySQLi Extension (or essentially known as MySQL Improved or MySQLi) is a relational database driver that is utilized for the most part in the PHP programming dialect. It gives an interface to the as of now established MySQL databases. It is truly an enhanced rendition of its ancestor, MySQL, which was basically a way to oversee databases over servers.

MySQL can be found in many web applications as the database segment of an answer package (or LAMP) programming stack. Its utilization can be seen broadly in such well-known sites as Flickr, FaceBook, Wikipedia, Google, Nokia, and YouTube. Every last one of these sites utilizes MySQL for capacity and the logging of client information. The code is involved the C and C++ dialects and utilization a wide range of framework stages – including Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

The MySQLi expansion comes furnished with many advantages that compliment and in addition enhance those that were given by its antecedent, MySQL. There are a couple of that are more noticeable than others. These highlights that are intended to upgrade the usefulness of the MySQL (and in addition give a refresh to the database director all in all) are a question situated interface, bolster for explanations that have been previously arranged, bolster for an assortment of proclamations, bolster for any sort of exchange that happens, an improved level of troubleshooting support, and an improved level of server bolster that is as of now implanted in the framework of the database.

As an RDBMS, it isn’t required that MySQL is delivered with GUI apparatuses in order to control the databases or oversee the data therein. It is feasible for clients to utilize a summon line instrument or download MySQL Frontends from an assortment of gatherings that have the product essential and web applications to deal with the databases, assemble the databases, and work with the information records.


1. MySQL is an RDBMS that keeps running as a server and gives multi-client access to different databases; MySQLi is an expansion of MySQL.

2. MySQL does not need GUI devices with a specific end goal to regulate databases or deal with the information in that; MySQLi expands upon the highlights of MySQL and incorporates question arranged interface, bolster for already arranged explanations, and upgraded implanted server bolster.


Some more MySQLi Advantages

  • MySQLi function musqli_query() allows to enforce error prone queries and prevents bugs like SQL injection.
  • Using MySQLi data fetch, we can get buffered or unbuffered based on server resource size.
  • MySQLi API allows executing multiple queries with single expression using multi_query() function.


So that’s it how we can state the Difference Between MySQL and MySQLi in PHP.I hope you learned in this tutorial what is the difference Between MySQL and MySQLi in PHP.If you like this tutorial script then share it with your community. If you have any suggestion Feel free to comment below.If you want to learn more about PHP, CodeIgniter, AngularJSLaraveljQuery then daily visit PHPCodify.Sharing is Caring.

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