Create SEO Friendly URL from Title in PHP

Create SEO Friendly URL from Title in PHP

In this PHP tutorial, we will see How to Create SEO Friendly URL from Title in PHP.SEO friendly URL  is very important it helps to improve the search engine ranking.When the URL is friendly in the search engine it gives an idea about the web page content what content material it includes.Below is the two type of URL.

  • Normal URL:
  • SEO URL:

From the above SEO URL,  it shows that it more easy to read and human-friendly than the other Normal URL.So if we will use the SEO URL so the user can get a better idea that what is on the web page and what information he/she is going to get from the SEO friendly URL web page.

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Function to create SEO Friendly URL:

Calling this function:


Complete Code: for SEO Friendly URL:

Create a file named with index.php and paste the below code.


So that’s it how we can  Create SEO Friendly URL from Title in PHP.I hope you learned in this tutorial concept of Create SEO Friendly URL from Title in PHP.If you like this tutorial script then share it with your community. If you have any suggestion Feel free to comment below.Sharing is Caring.

  • This is a very nice gem to have in the library!

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