AngularJS TypeError: object is not a function

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)

AngularJS TypeError: object is not a function

The error msg in Chrome Dev Tools. “TypeError: object is not a function”

Update: I found out the problem! Woohoo… see below.


Error happens when I click the submit button on a form. It doesn’t even get to the controller function so I’m thinking it’s an internal error to Angular 1.2.9 somewhere.

The error in Firefox: “Error: fnPtr is not a function”


On further inspection, it seems it’s this code.


Now this looks like some IE fix (obviously) so why the hell is it breaking???

I’m using Lineman Angular Template so maybe it’s calling $q.all somewhere and causing the issue to the surface? Either way, it’s stopping my form from working….

I’ve tried upgrading to Angular 1.2.15 and I get the same error.
And unstable version 1.3.0-beta.4 same result.


For some reason it doesn’t like the “name” property on the form… why? Maybe Angular can’t handle the name on the form when it’s binding or something.

But when you remove that it works fine.

Now the login() function in the controller is being called as normal.



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AngularJS TypeError: object is not a function

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