AngularJS Login Script using PHP MySQL Bootstrap

In this tutorial, we will learn AngularJS login system.So I will explain how you can make AngularJS Login Script using PHP MySQL Bootstrap. AngularJS, a JavaScript framework developed by a Googler and supported by Google has gained a lot of popularity in modern Web Development in past few months.It has been observed that many developers are using it and converting to it for future development so now its community increases day by day.



Angularjs Login Script using PHP MySQL and Bootstrap

Application Development Process:

Step-1) Create Database

In this step first we will create the database with the name “angularjs-login-script”.

Step-2) Create Database Table

In this step we will create our “user” table.

Step-3) Insert User with Query

In this step we will insert one user into the table for login purpose.

Step-4) AngularJS Libraries & Bootstrap Links

These are the libraries and Bootstrap links which will use in our  “AngularJS Login Script using PHP MySQL Bootstrap”.



Step-5) Create Login Form

This is login form for our AngularJS Login script.

Step-6) AngularJS Script

This is our AngularJS script.

Step-7) Complete “index.php” AngularJS Login File

This is the complete AngularJS PHP MySQL Login script.Create a file index.php and copy below code into it and save it.

First of all we build our form which contains two fields email and password.In this angularjs login script using php we are getting these inputs through ng-model directive and then send these input to the server side script “login.php”. Where we fetch the user data and match with the entered data through SQL query using PHP PDO.

Step-8) Create db_config.php

In this step create a file “db_config.php” file and paste the below code into it. It makes a database connection with MySQL using PDO.

Step-9) Create “login.php”

Create a login.php and paste the below code into the file.In this code, we get the inputted data through POST variable which is sent by AngularJS and validate from the database.

Step-10) Welcome_dashboard.php

This is the welcome_dashboard.php. When the user login information will be correct user will be redirected to this page.


So that’s it how we can build our AngularJS Login Script using PHP MySQL Bootstrap.I hope you learned in this tutorial how to make an AngularJS Login Script using PHP.If you like this tutorial script then share it with your community. If you have any suggestion Feel free to comment below.Sharing is Caring.

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  • Nice Man! Everything is crystal clear in tutorial

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      Thanks! Keep Learning.

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    Amazing, once again! You are a saint my friend. Beautiful work!

    • EhteshamMehmood

      Thanks! Keep Learning

  • Николай Агеев

    ALWAYS sanitize please POST parameters! It’s SQL injection.

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