AngularJS 2 Google Trends

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

AngularJS 2 Google Trends 

I always keep my eye on Google trends, especially in “coding land”. Here is whats happening in Angular 2 space at the moment.


As you can see it’s on an uptrend since the middle of 2015.

angular2 most popular

And is most popular spelling is “angular 2” over “angularjs 2”.


jQuery continues to drop in popularity as Angular 2 is on the rise slowly.


Angular 2 seems to be more popular than React.js at the moment (i’ve checked spellings of reactjs also).

As you can see nobody knows which spelling to use still… haha…


So these are the AngularJS 2 Google Trends .If you like this tutorial script then share it with your community. If you have any suggestion Feel free to comment below.If you want to learn more about PHPCodeIgniterAngularJSLaraveljQuery  Web Development then daily visit PHPCodify. Sharing is Caring.

AngularJS 2 Google Trends

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